Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zingerman's Deli Boards

Size: 4' by 5'6"

Size: 4' by 5'6"

The boards that started it all. Working in the Zingerman's Deli on red bricked Detroit St. in Ann Arbor, MI, presented me with many challenges common in any high volume unquestionably popular retail environment. Some were less common; for instance, the endless opportunities for personal artistic expression.
After a three to four month dry spell of unchanging, fast fading cheese case chalkboard, I asked the ever available manager if I might do my best to further enliven the already rich visual entry to the store. Having already produced a body of small signs for cases, coffees and bread specials, I drew a yes! Working for and with them was an honor and privilege.

Be sure to pay a visit to the culturally rich city of Ann Arbor MI, and absolutely stop in to experience the treasure of a company that is Zingerman's Delicatessen. Rare are businesses such as this, with impeccable service, creative flair and outstanding commitment to quality and local growth! If the Deli does not suit you, check out the Z. Roadhouse, a full service restaurant or the Creamery, where they make their own Gelato and assorted cheeses.

...And so began the story of my adventures in the world of chalk, where one never gets rusty, only dusty.


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Jeanie said...

Never rusty, only dusty! Very good! Greg, I never saw these in person, but it sells well online. Great looking board! I'm so glad you are posting regularly! Keep it up -- I'll link you!