Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Harvest Bread Co. Window!

Size: 3' by 5'

As a volunteer through Summer 2008 with the Allen Street Neighborhood Center's Farmer's Market of Lansing MI, I had the opportunity to meet with many incredible, dedicated vendors from area farms and businesses.

When Great Harvest Bread Company joined the weekly Wednesday fray, I offered to collaborate on new marketing material for their main store; a development the owner had mentioned in conversation.

The building in which the bakery is situated features only one narrow window facing the street, occupied previously by the bare, mechanical backside of a beverage cooler. This piece brought a necessary splash of color the the face of the space, offering a quirky, yet warm invitation to join their wonderful and friendly staff for a mid-day meal!


Yels said...

You're right, I think the border came out really well. Perfectly minimalist. I also really love the effect of that font and the colors you chose... and you already know how I feel about the deranged carrot. :)

JD Forslin said...

That's hot.

David said...

I especially like the carrots, and their whimsical fancies. Also the one looks like it's trying to eat itself.

Jeanie said...

I love this one -- it makes me happy! Lots of whimsy, charm and style. There's a lot in here!