Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hickory Corner's Greenhouse Counter!

Size: 3' by 5'

The most colorful sign at the market! I very much enjoyed accommodating John and Kate's request to create not just an advertisement for their business, but a bit of a personal bio., featuring their home, hoop house, clothesline (people still do it that way!) and enduring, leafy love.
As the first season passed, the work continues to survive the occasional curious hand and varying weather conditions in an indoor/outdoor setting. Here's to many more!


JD Forslin said...

Das ist gut. Du bist ein genie. The heads don't look disembodied anymore, and the colors are fiercely vibrant.

Jeanie said...

Greg, it looks terrific! If they're not pleased, you just can't please 'em -- and from what I hear, they are very pleased, indeed! Nice work!

erika said...

Well done!!!!